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Each LiFT™ Purchase Includes:

– 1 LiFT™ Technology
– Music player preloaded with 16 original Harmonic Egg, LLC songs
– Gail Lynn’s book, Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing
– 5 USBs with all the Harmonic Egg, LLC music that is preloaded on the music player for you to use in other areas of your life
– LiFT™ Self-Care Guide
– Installation instructions / video
Harmonic Egg, LLC songs are composed by different musicians, all co-created by Gail Lynn. Gail’s book is packed full of information on how sound and light therapies work and have been around for thousands of years. The LiFT™ Self-Care Guide contains over 14 years of Gail’s research on sound and light therapy. The information is brilliantly organized, easy to follow, offers amazing illustrations and useful visuals. The LiFT™ Self-Care Guide empowers the user to perform very general healing sessions to very specific and targeted healing sessions, all based upon the needs of any individual. As a self-evolving energy technology, we understand that as the needs of the world change, so will the protocols and music of the LiFT™. After your LiFT™ purchase you will be notified via your newsletter subscription of any new protocols or new Harmonic Egg, LLC consciously created music, available for purchase, to add to your LiFT™ music player.
*LiFT – Wood structure, LED lights installed inside with external light remote, LiFT™ speaker installed inside.
**USBs contain song notes that include the title of the song, colors intended to be used for the song, chakras the song will assist in balancing, musical tones the song is recorded in and other helpful tips to really tune into the song and its intention.


Unlocking The Ancient Secrets To Healing Book

Gail Lynn's Book

A deeper dive into the inner workings of all the Harmonic Egg, LLC products, check out the book “Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing”.

Gail’s book is a fascinating account of an extraordinary journey through ancient history, modern science, and the birthing of a revolutionary new sound and light therapy that is helping thousands overcome their health concerns.

5 USBs of Consciously Created Music

Each USB is loaded with consciously created music, an image of the “album” cover, and a printable PDF of song notes explaining how to use each piece of music at home. The music on each USB is composed by different musicians, all co-created by Gail Lynn. In the song notes you will read about the instruments used, the chakras or elements, the tone it was recorded in, the color intentions and more…it is so fun to create your own healing journey with this music. You can wear the colors or eat foods of the colors intended for each piece of music. You can be creative with each piece and even use it as a healing background for your family and pets. Each USB contains a different number of music tracks (see details below on each USB). Each song is ~40 minutes! Every song is the full .wav version. We do not use compressed MP3 music (it is cold and clinical and does not express the integrity of the music). The compression of a .wav file into a .mp3 loses vital sonic information or artifacts from the original recording, cutting out wave frequencies from the instruments when captured on the recording. This compression can also cause distortion of the information of the original file since it is an arbitrary compression of any process for any music file. It’s like seeing sunshine through a pinhole, not absorbing the full spectrum of the rays shining. It is not good to listen to MP3 files for healing music.

The song notes include various information about the Chakras, tone, colors and instrument – see more detailed explanations in Gail’s book, Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing, in the APPENDIX pages 176-183.

Harmonic Egg, LLC Wellness Tracks USB (yellow) – Use this music to help build the immune system; detox heavy metals; calm the mind and balance the nervous system; with children; Autism; to reduce inflammation; and it is pet safe. The Harmonic Egg, LLC Wellness Tracks USB was created as an answer to the question, “What is the root cause of illness and disease?”

6 Tracks on the Yellow USB!

* Reduce Inflammation

* Liver Remedy

* Boost Immunity

* Heavy Metal Detox

* Stress Less

* Kids Sanctuary (Specially created for Autism or anyone stuck in Flight or Fight) 

Music Composed by: Yuval Ron. Co-created with Dr. Richard Gold and Gail Lynn.

Frequency of Love USB (red) – There is just one track on this USB and we have it on CD tooLOVE HEALS ALL…it deserved its own USB / CD. Use this music to help clear/cleanse the energy of your home, work/office building, specific pieces of land/property, assisting the community. Raise the vibrations of your home, your mind, body, heart, and soul. Everything is healed by the frequency of love. Also, very good for manifesting. People from around the world recorded this expression of LOVE while they were meditating on and in dedication to a beloved being or place. More than 30 people speaking in 18 different languages were included in the pre-production research, and in the recordings and transcription into musical notes. The languages used in the recordings were Cantonese, Mandarin, English, French, Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese, Thai, Turkish, Norwegian, Polish, Italian, Farsi, Finnish, Hebrew, Burmese, Mongolian, and Armenian. The final score includes the musical notes from the English, French, Korean, Thai, Farsi, and Armenian recordings. There are no voices or voice recordings on this album, but the sound frequencies of the words “I Love You” in all the beautiful languages.

1 Track on the Red USB!

* Frequency of Love

Music composed by: Yuval Ron and Co-created with Gail Lynn and Dr. Richard Gold.

Soul Concerto USB (blue) – Use this music to help balance the nervous system, detox the liver, and balance the Chakras. Two magical pieces of music using string instruments, piano and nature sounds, the music assists with working through unresolved emotions in a beautiful, gentle and hopeful way. Heart opening and grounding, deep soul connection to the dream state and astral plane. Rich cello frequencies surrounded by delicate piano and forest recordings create this dreamy soundscape, placing the listener in a private concerto for the Soul, recorded under the night sky. Cello with Piano and nature sounds is a POWERFUL piece of music for healing deep emotional and physical issues, balancing the mind, body and spirit and is great for children and babies too! The background for these pieces were recorded during a New Moon near Niagara Falls, Canada. Recording equipment was placed in the forest and set to record in the night with the tree energy, the New Moon energy, and you might even hear the leaves crunching from an animal walking past during the recording!

2 Tracks on the Blue USB!

* Moonlit Forest

* Eternal Soul of Stars

Music composed by: Paige Cora Clarke, Harmonic Egg, LLC Guardian / Distributor (Canada). Co-created with Gail Lynn.

Mantras USB (green) – Use this music to help detox the liver; diffuse anger, pain and resentment; practice forgiveness; speak your truth; and build your immune system. Songs for finding balance. Two powerful musical pieces with verbalized Mantras!!!

Peace, Protection and Freedom (Buddhist Mantra): Peaceful and serene. A sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are considered capable of ‘creating transformation,” represents salvation from suffering and mundane dangers. When beginning, the gentle nature scape will relax the nervous system, dropping the listener into deep contemplation. Gently moving into the second Mantra, Tayata Om Bekanze, which is also known as the Medicine Buddha Mantra, it assists in detaching the mind from overwhelming negative thoughts, traumas, and fear. Birthing fresh breath of joy and gratitude toward life as one is breathing out the bitterness and suffering of the past. Moving into the rebirth of the six syllable Mantra, Om Mani Padme Om “Praise to the Jewel in the Lotus.” A rebirth into balance of the Divine Feminine energy and Gaia.

Depth of Mind, Balance of Body (Sanskrit Mantra): As the nervous system relaxes with the gentle sounds of Gaia, these mantra’s open the heart to start a deep purification journey. As the gentle stream of water and heart opening sounds of nature traverse into the powerful flow of the Gayatri Mantra. This Mantra is one of the oldest and most powerful Sanskrit Mantra’s. The Gayatri Mantra consists of 24 syllables (6). This mantra also invokes the balance with Mother Earth and nature which brings balance to the body, mind, and spirit. This Mantra has also been known to show positive effects with many illnesses, including Covid. Completing this track is the powerful Moola Mantra. This mantra specifically focuses on forgiveness, family healing and programming, it invokes empathy, compassion, unconditional love, and self-love.

2 Tracks on the Green USB!

* Peace, Protection and Freedom (Buddhist Mantra)

* Depth of Mind, Balance of Body (Sanskrit Mantra)

Music Composed by: Harmony Polo, Harmonic Egg, LLC Guardian Naperville, IL. Co-created with Gail Lynn.

Purity USB (white) – Use this music to help detox; eye issues; hearing issues; Lyme; joints; digestion; memory; and build the immune system. Five brilliant pieces of music intended for the highest and best for your well-being! The feel is Cuban/Jazzy. During the recordings, as often as possible, the musicians incorporate frequencies divisible by 3.

5 Tracks on the White USB!

* Floating in Hope

* Gentle Guidance

* Moments in Time

* Peaceful Vibes

* Perception of Mind

Music Composed by: Barry Coates and Luis Conte. These dudes are famous! Co-created with Gail Lynn. 


Where can you use this consciously created Harmonic Egg, LLC music and for what reasons? This is healing music for stress, dis-ease (unease), chakra balancing, pets, children, clearing your home, land, food, plants, your garden and much MORE! Take this music everywhere you go…in the car (be careful if you listen while driving since it is calming / meditation music), on your phone, in your home, at your office, at the fitness center, etc. Each piece of consciously created music focuses on combining the perfect instruments and tones to affect the body’s natural ability to heal…learn the benefits of each piece with the printable PDF of song notes on each USB. Clients use this music to anchor in their session before their next appointment. Clients use this music at home while doing remote sessions for themselves, their family or pets – even if it is not the same music they have for their session. Professionals and business owners can play this music in their lobbies. Practitioners can play this music in their lobbies and offices…massage therapists, reiki, acupuncturists, doctors, veterinary clinics, animal shelters, nursing homes, assisted living centers, group homes, youth centers, healers of all kinds or anyone that helps support the betterment of humanity.

For additional support, inquire about Remote Sessions at any Harmonic Egg® / Ellipse® location. Click here to inquire about the Harmonic Egg, LLC home unit, the LiFT™. Always be mindful to support your mind, body and spirit with proper hydration! We recommend Superieur Electrolytes, when available. These electrolytes are made from real, not lab, sources with zero sugar and no dyes or weird ingredients. Use Coupon Code: EGG for Free North American Shipping.






Why don’t we have all the songs on CD? – The .wav files are so large that only one song will fit on a CD. So watch your storage capacity if you plan to download the USB music onto your computer.

  • Did you know! It is highly recommended to save the USB music files to your computer with something such as Google Drive, and then the music can be accessed from your smart phone or similar technology and played from different devices. The process may be different for Android vs Apple users. Most importantly, initially saving the USB music files on your computer ensures that you never lose the music in case you ever encounter any issues with the USB(s). Harmonic Egg, LLC does not offer tech support as each device can be vastly different.
  • Please note: Not all technologies support USB usage. You may find some versions of Harmonic Egg, LLC music being sold on Amazon as MP3 files, these files are not sold by Harmonic Egg, LLC, they are not the quality we sell direct from our website. We only encourage listening to healing music with .wav or uncompressed files, not MP3 files that are compressed and compromise the integrity of the frequencies.

Have more questions? Please visit our extensive FAQ page!

Disclaimer:  This music is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
This music is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
It may be hazardous to operate a vehicle or heavy machinery while listening to this music.

Here are some Harmonic Egg, LLC music samples…Enjoy!

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